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  • Packed in an easy-to-stack, shelf stable 10 can Ready to eat Superior steam table holding time of 4 hours Refrigerate unused portions
  • Serve over tortilla chips Prepare traditional nachos or for loaded nachos, add ground beef or pulled chicken, diced tomatoes, onions, jalapeños and sliced black olives Pour over grilled chicken as a zesty cheese sauce
  • Trenton Farms Nacho Cheese Sauce is a spicy sauce made with 100% real cheese, yellow jalapeno and green chili pieces
  • Please note: No matter what time of year fresh Parmigiano will only last one month. This is normal in a cheese that has no preservatives. For a longer lasting cheese try Pecorino, Locatelli in Particular. CLUMPING: We use no wood pulp (cellulose): We use no wood pulp in our grated cheeses as other companies do to prevent clumping. Wood is used to build houses. Not eat
  • Our Cheese is Ground Fresh When You Order Never Pre_Packed
  • Fantastic on Top of Pasta or Anywhere a Quality Great Tasting Cheese is Needed
  • Insects are a major food source for much of the world's population. If you have never tried them, join in and expand your (or your friend's) culinary tastes.
  • Yes, these meal worms (larvae of the Darkling Beetle) are real and edible. They are crunchy and taste similar to a Cheddar Cheese flavored potato chip or corn nut.
  • This package of Larvets are Cheddar Cheese flavored genuine California meal worms. Have lunch with your Gecko!!
  • The indespensible Southern staple!
  • One pound cheddar cheese straws in a beautiful gift tin.
  • Made in Yazoo City, Mississippi.
  • Allergen information: milk
  • zero sugar
  • high protein (11 g per serving)
  • One 6 ounce package of raw cheddar goat milk cheese
  • Made in the usa
  • 100 calories per serving

There are three things to prevent while purchasing the Can dogs eat cheese

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